Secondhand Smoke – In the Car

Danger on the Road

Smoking in the car is especially dangerous. The small space causes a lot more toxic chemicals from secondhand smoke to build up inside, and people in the car have no choice but to breathe it in.1 Sometimes drivers or passengers who smoke will try to blow it out the window, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t secondhand smoke coming back into the car and causing everyone inside to breathe polluted air.1 Particularly for children, this can lead to serious health consequences.

Secondhand Smoke in the Car

  • Who is at Risk?
  • Everyone in the car.1
  • Where are They Exposed?

From the secondhand smoke in the car when smoking is occurring.1,2

How Does it Happen?

  • Secondhand smoke in the car can be up to 27 times more concentrated than what it would be in a smoker’s home.3
  • Rolling down the windows does not air out the toxic chemicals.4

What You Can Do

The best way to stop secondhand smoke in the car is to not allow it in your own car and to refuse to ride with others who smoke.4 If you are a tobacco user, you can find help to quit smoking.

It may take several tries, but what’s important is that you keep trying! You can also join the social media conversation and let others know about the dangers by posting secondhand smoke facts using #secondhandsmoke #firsthandthreat.