Property Owner’s Rights

It’s important to understand how you—as an apartment or multi-family property owner—are empowered to make decisions.  The standards you set will protect the value of your investment and the community you’ve helped create.

You have the right to make your property smoke-free.  Here’s what you should know:

It’s Your Choice.

You have the right to set reasonable rules for your property.  Smoke damage and fire hazards caused by smoking are a threat to your investment.  If you wish to eliminate those health and financial risks, it’s your decision to do so1.

Existing and Prospective Residents.

In privately owned, non-subsidized housing, the written contract you have with your residents determines your rights and responsibilities, what changes can be made to the lease agreement and what you are required to do to change the terms of the lease.2

For units in public housing and other subsidized housing, you may establish a no-smoking policy for new residents while adding a no-smoking provision to the rules at the time it is renewed, as long as the appropriate housing authority has approved the rules change if such approval is required (a 60-day notice is usually required)4.  For further information, contact the appropriate housing authority.3

You’ve Got Support.

Arizona Smoke-Free Living can help you establish and maintain a smoke-free policy.

The written contract you have with your residents determines your rights and responsibilities.