FAQs for Property Managers

Here property owners and managers can find answers to common questions about the smoke-free community transition process.  Even if you’re apprehensive, most owners and managers find it to be a positive change for everyone involved.  You can also contact us to set up a consultation for making your best transition plan.

Q: Will I lose residents if I go smoke-free?
A: On the contrary.  There is a substantial market of renters who prefer smoke-free properties.  A recent study of Arizona renters found that 70% of respondents would choose to live in a smoke-free complex.  In fact, 40% of the respondents said they would pay a little more to live in a community that didn’t allow smoking. 1

Q: Does a no-smoking policy discriminate against smokers?
A: There is no legal “right to smoke”.  It is legal for property owners to prohibit smoking at their properties.2

Q: Can I adopt a no-smoking rule in HUD-assisted housing?
A: Yes.  You can adopt a no-smoking policy as part of your house rules. Changes to the lease can take effect after sufficient notice to residents.  If you wish to change the model lease provided by HUD, you simply need to get HUD approval3.

Q: My residents are complaining about secondhand smoke.  What can I do?
A: Respond to all complaints in a timely, professional manner.  Thank the resident for notifying you and ask for more details.  Let the resident know that you will look into the situation and will follow up with your findings.  If you not have a no-smoking policy, consider adopting one and contact Arizona Smoke-Free Living for help.  If you do have a no-smoking policy, do your best to consistently enforce the policy whether or not you receive complaints from other residents.  Use the Property Manager Tips on how to respond to residents’ questions.

Q: Where can I find assistance?
A: You can call (480) 616-4608 or email info@azsmokefreeliving.org to set up a one-on-one meeting with a member of the Arizona Smoke-Free Living Coalition.

Q: Enforcing a smoke-free policy seems difficult.  What is the best way to enforce it?

A: Enforce your policy just like any other property rule.  Make sure your staff is well-versed in the policy and the manner in which you wish to handle violations.  If a violation occurs, respond in a timely manner and make sure to document it.  Remember – Arizona Smoke-Free Living can offer individualized guidance on policy enforcement.

Click here to view the references for the data used for our website.

There is no legal “right to smoke”.  It is legal for property owners to prohibit smoking at their properties.