American Lung Association releases 22nd Annual “State of Tobacco Control” report

This morning at 12:01 AM eastern time, the American Lung Association released our 22nd annual “State of Tobacco Control” report. The American Lung Association’s 2024 “State of Tobacco Control” report, released today, highlights the public health perils of menthol tobacco use and the failure by the White House to finalize the rules to end menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars in December. The 22nd annual “State of Tobacco Control” report evaluates state and federal efforts to eliminate tobacco use and save lives with proven-effective tobacco control laws and policies.

  • “State of Tobacco Control” 2024 gave Arizona grades in five areas that have been proven to prevent and reduce tobacco use and save lives:
      • Funding for State Tobacco Prevention Programs: F
      • Strength of Smokefree Workplace Laws: B
      • Level of State Tobacco Taxes: F
      • Access to Proven Treatments to Quit Tobacco: C
    • Ending the Sale of All Flavored Tobacco Products: F

The SOTC report website at transitioned to 2024 data and content at 12:01 am ET.